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What Is A Peer Reviewed Article

What Is A Peer-Reviewed Article? - Evaluating Information Sources... What Is A Peer-Reviewed Article? - Evaluating Information Sources...
In academic publishing, the goal of peer review is to assess the quality of articles submitted for publication in a scholarly journal. Before an article is deemed ...

What Is A Peer Reviewed Article

Like the case where it took more than a year to get the paper through, or that report where the reviewer only read the abstract (and said so). Categories for undergraduate, graduate, post-doc, industry, and independent research could be made. And since journal space is not longer limited (due to the internet), its worthwhile to reconsider how we publish.

They could employ scientist and pay them to review papers in timely and constructive manner. If such a method was implemented, it would be important to modify the standard for citations to include the date the manuscript was accessed, similar to the protocol used for citing software, in order to insure that authors citing the work dont have to worry about later alterations to the manuscript. I was of the same opinion about pr keeping, to at least some extent, exploitative stuff out of the literature, is one of its uses.

Youve also done your phd in a very privileged background especially in terms of critical thinking around you and so you have probably have also had your needs better fulfilled through other routes. But without realistic proposals for how regular guys in out of the way countries and institutions and without the most relevant expertise around them going to get a similar level of access to help to that provided (albeit rather randomly) by peer review, i think it would be regressive to abolish journals because of their annoying aspects. Its 2-3 guys who often want to torpedo your stuff.

But this is not due to peer review or there would not be open access which is funded by a small fee 2. Such peer-review by the scientific community at large will be far more rigorous than reviews by two or three anonymous individuals that are solicited by journal editors. Michael alcorns comments above about creating a wikipedia-like system in which articles can be edited and revised sounds like a great idea to me.

You want some social media based peer review, well, there you have it! Id like to echo asdf that the open source software community provides a great model, github in particular. An impact factor- or acceptance ratio- (for proceedings) adjustedweighted sum could be another one. Secondly, the application to facilitate such a system needs to be considered separately from the regulating forces of governments, academic institutions, and journals unless one is designed explicitly along side of one.

So whats needed isnt quick fix killer app software, but a new reward system for mutual involvement with scientific and scholarly manuscripts. Nature precedings has been mentioned here a few times as far as i can see it does everything that is being asked for by those who wish to scrap peer review except for one important point, its not counted as a publication. I agree that many of these things could be implemented on top of what we already have all the pieces are in place, just waiting for the right software. The reality is that most people online behave like childish idiots who are largely ignorant of anything outside of their own field, and who have little to lose by broadly trashing things they dont like for various reasons, whether well-founded or not. Emphasis on publishing in peer review and impact factors a problem.

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Peer review is the evaluation of work by one or more people with similar competences as the producers of the work . It functions as a form of self-regulation by ...

What Is A Peer Reviewed Article

What Is Peer Review? (Elsevier) - Empowering Knowledge
Peer review helps validate research, establish a method by which it can be evaluated, and increase networking possibilities within research communities
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    The current system involves a whole army of qualified and engaged reviewers, who spend what must amount to millions of work hours commenting on each others work. However if there was an open, efficient, effective post-pub review it could work even better. Such a system would be identical to the one used by wikipedia to maintain edits to its pages, in that you can view the very first entry of any page if you so choose. I dont see how pr inhibits exchange of information though when we have things like nature precedings, and of course conferences. On a server system, the length and content of the commentaries wouldnt need to be restricted they could contain new data, replications, or (importantly) failures to replicate the effect.

    Consider people who write novels, or computer softwarethey are judged based on what happens after they publish their work (often without pre-publication review). Really low quality, frequently with fatal flaws, would flood the medium and only serve to undermine science. I think most of the criticism directed towards the commenting system could easily be addressed by not allowing anonymous comments. Peer-review sounds great and appears to be implicitly required by anyone presenting their research. Finally, if people think uploading research on the net without any control, and the rest of scientists trust on it there will be just a natural regulation.

    Many papers findings can be broken down into discrete chunks, and i think its a shame we have to wait for them to be bundled together to get all of them. Rather than waiting 2 years for a result (in neuroscience at least), why not get smaller bits of information every six months? It might make citation harder, but information exchange would be much more rapid. If something like that had some social network type features, it would be almost exactly the sort of thing im talking about. This would save science a lot of time and money! I wholeheartedly agree with this entire post. This type of system would have several benefits including 1. I have seen truly abyssmal papers published because the author was established and knew the chief editor. I think we all agree is fundamentally a good idea, with the argument here being how flawed the current implementation is and how best to improve it). In regards to comment by asdf, open source code is free by definition (hence no major money involved), whereas getting the fda to approve a drug that could generate billions in sales revenue depends currently on convincing a panel of medical doctorsscientists to approve your drug, based mainly on studies that must be published in the peer-reviewed literature. Its 2-3 guys who often want to torpedo your stuff. Doctor the cancer treatment i am recommending for you is not standard, in fact its brand new.

    Clinical peer review, also known as medical peer review or physician peer review is the process by which health care professionals, including those in nursing and ...

    Why publish science in peer-reviewed journals? « Genomes Unzipped

    As most readers here are aware, the path to publishing a scientific paper has two major obstacles: first, the editor of a journal has to decide that a ...
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    One of them is relative anonymity which can be fixed. Currently, this involves pre-publication reading by 2-4 peer reviewers, and an entirely unclear way of pointing out and correcting errors (some journals have formal technical comments and some dont. At least in the present system, a paper can be sent by an editor to someone outside of the direct sphere of interest for critique. Have each university that supports research pay a small fee. Its often these reviews that can force you to question the validity of your findings, resulting in more robust science.

    This requires additional efforts, as publishing in established journals remains a necessity, and simple dumplication leads to copyright issues Buy now What Is A Peer Reviewed Article

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    The common theme to my comments is to move away from volunteer based reviews to a payment structure. Now grant review for money is an entirely different issue, dont get me started. Of course, this is rather a pipe dream for now. Academic requirements ensure that too much junk is already in press. At the moment, some people honestly tell me that they write more papers than they read.

    Submitters could send personal requests to 2 or 3 peers to review their published paper openly, this could be an accepted duty of researchers, its open to abuse but lets assume that most of us have some integrity. When you are determining whether or not the article you found is a peer-reviewed article, you should consider the following What Is A Peer Reviewed Article Buy now

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    Basically, it would be an academic form of soundcloud (e. The costs of running the operation is not trivial, but could be gotten easily enough. Those without accounts could view research, but not post comments. But additionally create a stronger kind of peer review journal where the editor takes both more responsibility and more credit for the paper. I agree that all papers must be reviewed, but i may be more extreme.

    It is the grant system itself that needs reform gordon, r. Of course this is my biased incomplete list based on my fascination with genetics but i think their constructive comments are due not just to thier considerable intelliegence but their experience creating an on-line communication network between creative scientists Buy What Is A Peer Reviewed Article at a discount

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    We recognize at the beginning that there will always be haters for every project. I have approached the administrators about this idea, but they said that funding and time were the factors preventing something like it. If it were to happen tomorrow the psychological quality impact of the journal would be replaced by the impact of the authors or lab or institution that published it the current system has a lot of faults but on the other hand is it really a good idea to encourage even more publishing? Its already an enormous task to keep up with the literature. However, my opinion is that these sorts of fiddlings with the current system are not likely to help much. The issue with the major journal publications delaying or preventing dissemination of valuable research, as well as the second and third order journals releasing weak or fraudulent articles, both share the quality of valuing money over science Buy Online What Is A Peer Reviewed Article

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    The problem appears to be one of utilizing new technologies more efficiently. Thats not what joes original post was about, and its not realistic. The big labs would get more money, and the small ones ever less money. Anyone, who fits the criteria, can go and publish their latest data today and have a citable, permanent, link by tomorrow. Of course those pursuing independent research could go to a signing style party at a local authorizing institution to add physical authenticity credentials.

    Plus, it would give reviewers some incentive by allowing those reviews to be public and citable. Dyspepsia generation blog archive why publish science in peer-reviewed journals? Cutting journals out of scientific publishing to a large extent would be unconditionally a good thing uncommon descent tagungsbericht tagung der gesellschaft für fachdidaktik (gfd) espressodoppio my first experience in peer-reviewing Buy What Is A Peer Reviewed Article Online at a discount

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    One of them is relative anonymity which can be fixed. Would that be so awful? Yes! Believe it or not, there are charlatans out there who are more interested in selling an idea than seeking the truth. Yet many of those projects are not only used in academic papers, they are the foundation for huge websites that all of us use on a daily basis. Simple pubmed searches often finds citations to prove premises-by-example for subsequent papers and grants. Its often these reviews that can force you to question the validity of your findings, resulting in more robust science.

    You argue that editors (and to some extent, reviewers) can promote good work, which is true. However, i have also gotten an equal number of comments that were flat out wrong and comments that basically said, i disagree with your conclusions because it goes against my understandings or common consensus, so regardless of the evidence you present, i reject your paper What Is A Peer Reviewed Article For Sale

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    I agree, of course, that peer review sometimes helps people improve their papers. Even when i get an irrational review, its often because i didnt explain what i was doing clearly enough. After reading many comments over the past few weeks, im wondering how much of your disgruntlitude is related to the nature of your field. In other news, have you heard of philica? Philica is somewhere between a preprint archive (very popular in physics and astronomy) and an open access journal, with open reviews, and reviewers gain credibility on the basis of others reviewing them. The system could require registration with a captcha, but mechanical turk already gets around the captcha, since the micro-tasks are performed by actual humans For Sale What Is A Peer Reviewed Article

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    Would that be so awful? As it is, it sounds like the authors are begging to have permission to publish their paper, whichgiven that we have the internetis an absurd state of affairs. Now obviously the current system is gamed as well, with authors citing their own previous publications and reviews. So i am very curious how the social science and physics p&t committees deal with this issue. The common theme to my comments is to move away from volunteer based reviews to a payment structure. I disagree that peer review is always unhelpful as well i have been grateful in the past for reviewers comments that have improved the end result.

    The fact is that in other fields, rapid dissemination of results via the internet occurs alongside the standard journal system Sale What Is A Peer Reviewed Article






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